Basic requirements to do Programming

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This article will let you setup the basic requirements to do programming. Basic requirements are nothing but the setting up an environment for learning computer programming and executing it.

When you decided to learn computer programming languages then, you must need an basic environment to write and compile your code. This article for those who are searching for environmental setup for learning programming.

Here I going to provide the basic requirements of softwares, to do Programming. When your are ready to learn programming languages, your first requirement is to have a beginner’s guide with you, eagerness to learn it and hard work towards it.

My recommendation is to use only the basic editors. Don’t go for IDE (Integrated Development Environment) to learn programming. Because, in IDE, it Will give the basic snippet of code, it provide Intellisense for what next you have to write.

Notepad is the best editor to do learning But, it’s good to have a editor which will provide separate colors for keywords, variables, outputs and more. I recommend to use Notepad++ to do all the programming languages, Sublime text to to web development. If you have Notepad++ application that is well and good. All the mentioned applications are freeware, you will get frequent updates also. In hardware wise, you have to keep sufficient place to install software and to save your file.

C and C++ Languages

When you ready to do C language, as I told you need  a complete reference guide, Turbo C editor.


Install java development kit. Notepad++. You have to save your file in root directory, to make it execute.

Web development and scripting languages

Notepad++ and a latest browser.


.NET is tricky. It’s very difficult to develop a .NET application is ordinary notepad. It’s good to use Visual studio.

For all the above languages you  can learn from Internet. It’s good to have a developers beginner’s guide with you.


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