Must know this Before Start Programming – Programming basics

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As a programmer we have to learn about what is programming, how is programmer, how programs are working, what is the need of various programming languages, and etc., this article will let you to learn those things. keep touch and learn all to expose your self. Let start learn. 

Before start learning any Programming languages you must learn the basics of computer and programming terms. When your good in basics of any programming languages it is pretty easy to start writing your programs. When your good enough to be a programmer and you don’t about the meaning of programming and programmer,that’s not fair in such case. This article will teach you those things.

What is Computer.

Generally computer is a mechanical machine, which will work only when the power supply is on. Computer doesn’t know any languages except Binary languages, which is o’s and 1’s. It will display contents in all languages that’s because of programmers.

When you want to say something to your machine.then, it must be of computer understandable format. For this reason only computer programming languages are introduced.

What is Computer Programming

We have discussed before itself,computer don’t know any languages. It know only binary language,which is o’s and 1’s. To make computer understand what we are try to explain through the language which is understandable by computers.

Binary languages is easy to computers and very tough to human begins, So, Dennis Ritchie found a language called ‘C’. The basics and and very power full programming languages. where we can type in English and compiler will convert to the computer  understandable  language.

computer programming is nothing but the instruction given to the computer through the languages which is understandable by the computer. Programs are the collection of Instructions and software is the Collection of programs.

What is Compiler

Compiler is the converter. All programming languages are having a compiler in it to convert programming languages to the computer understandable language.

There are two types of in compiling.1) compiler 2) interpreter


Compiler converts programs at last. after writing your computer program then you compile your program to check whether you having any errors are not. this is called compiling and this take place at the last stage of programs writing. compiler compiles the whole programs at last and let you know about any errors, if their.


Interpreter is also like compiler but, it compiles programs each and every line of programming. Generally Interpreter are comes along with IDE(Integrated Development Environment), when you press enter then it will compile your code and throw errors if any.

 What is Programming Languages

Usually languages is an intermediate between two persons to negotiate or to  convey our thoughts. In same way computers are also need to understand our thoughts or what we are saying. As I told early computer doesn’t know any languages except binary languages. To make computers understand only computer programming languages are comes into pictures. there are many computers programming languages are there. some are C,C++, Java, .NET and scripting languages like JavaScript, PHP, ASP and lot in the list.

Who is Programmer 

Programmers are the persons,who doing computers programs for particular things and make computers understand the things through programming languages. For all the above programming languages programmers are available.

How programs are working

When you having a software on your hand. Then it is the collection of various programs in it.  When you click any of the button or link on that software, it will do an action behalf of the click you make. this is happening because, program is running on back side(behind screen). In simple sentence we can say that programs are the “Instructions giving to computers to perform some action”.

I think this is enough for beginners. If you need to know more please do a comment. I’ll reply to your query.


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